Prior to the creation of Preora, Vadim Backman’s Northwestern University laboratory had received close to $20 million in NIH and NSF grant funding for the development of the core PWS technology, and an additional $6.9 million in fast track SBIR/STTR grants to support the product and process development for commercialization. The extraordinarily high level of grant funding serves as evidence of the clinical potential of the PWS technology platform.

Preora is currently fundraising and has recently secured $1.75 million of a targeted $3 – $4 million in outside private funding to provide business planning support, complete the lung test verification studies and to purchase the long lead time equipment required to build out the Preora Operating Lab.

The company is planning to initiate a Series A raise in 2H 2017 with a goal to attain $10 -$12 million by the end of 2017. The funds will be used to complete the pivotal clinical studies for the lung test, gain CLIA lab certification, initiate clinical validation studies for the colon test and to support the launch of the lung test.
Please contact John Hart, President and CEO at to indicate interest or learn more about investment opportunities.

Recently Completed Milestones

  • Completed PWS Microscope High-Throughput Validation (Q1 2015)
  • Successful Pre-submission Meetings with the FDA (Q1 and Q4 2015)
  • Completed Lung Test Clinical Optimization Studies (Diagnostic Verification) (Q3 2015)
  • Patent Application filed for New “high-quality” slide preparation process and device (Q1 2016)
  • Received NIH SBIR research grant for $1.5 million for ongoing Lung Cancer test clinical studies(Q3 2016)
  • Raised $1.75 million private funds to support the CLIA lab build out and validation (Q3 2016)

Future Key Milestones

  • Initiate Lung Test Multisite Clinical Validation Studies (Q3 2016)
  • Complete the build out the Preora Operating Lab (Q4 2016)
  • ISO Certification for our Product Development Laboratory (Q4 2016)
  • CLIA Certification for our Operating Laboratory (Q1 2017)
  • Market launch of the LDT lung test (2017)

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