Preora Diagnostics Inc. is dedicated to helping people survive cancer through a proven, two-tiered approach to early detection. We are developing proprietary, low-cost, minimally invasive and highly sensitive cancer screening tests using technology that detects and measures cellular changes at the nanoscale level. This change has been successfully tested as potential new biomarkers in more than 1,500 patients in seven different cancer types.

Our screening tools use proprietary technology – Partial Wave Spectroscopic (PWS) Nanocytology imaging – to detect these cellular changes. PWS-based tests may aid in risk assessment and early detection of cancers in high-risk, asymptomatic patients. Tests results may provide physicians with information that they need to encourage patients to comply with national screening guidelines for lung, colon and other solid-tumor cancers.

We anticipate widespread adoption of our tests by primary care physicians as adjuncts to traditional cancer screening tools, such as Low-Dose Computed Tomography (LDCT) and colonoscopy.

“This technology is something we have needed in the field.”
Dr. Fernando Britos-Bray, Florida Hospital at Wesley Chapel

The entire Preora Diagnostics team believes that the best way to save the lives of cancer patients is through early detection, but currently physicians do too little screening, perhaps due to imperfect tests. Our vision is to produce a series of first-line cancer screening tests that are:

  1. Highly sensitive and highly specific to diseases that can be treated,
  2. Low-cost, and
  3. Simple enough to be used in a primary care setting.

We already have a great model for this: the Pap smear. In the 1950s, cervical cancer was the number one cancer in women in the United States. Today, thanks to early detection with the Pap smear as the first step in a two-tiered screening strategy, cervical cancer mortality is down by more than 90%. The Pap smear made screening possible for every woman, identifying the small subset of patients who require a colposcopy for a definitive diagnosis.

Early Cancer Detection: The Key to Saving Lives

Dr. Backman’s opening remarks at the Milken Institute highlighted the value of two-tiered cancer screening

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